Where are Nose Work training classes?

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Nose Work is a fun scenting sport for pet dogs. It can be pursued as simply a fun activity for dogs and handlers or one can also earn Nose Work titles, if desired. So “Where are Nose Work training classes found”?  Well, you don’t have to look any further for the best than at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan.

Nose Work training mimics how police and military scent detection dogs are trained. And, as a former Police K9 Officer I bring my skills and experience to Michigan Dog Training (MDT) Nose Work classes to turn out top notch sniffers. We also have lots of fun while training.

Follow along and watch Jelly, a Beagle search for Q-Tips scented with Anise, Clove, and Birch oils and hidden in outdoor locations. The first hide is in plain sight but it’s a challenging problem for Jelly to navigate as it’s hidden under leaves.  Rather than searching first with her eyes and later by her nose for containers that may contain the scent, she has to trust her nose first in order to locate the hide that is her first buried location.

After that, Jelly finds a hide underneath a vacant bird nest laying on the ground. This was more of a test of the handler than the dog because many people would’ve pulled their dog off from sniffing the bird nest.  Many would assume Jelly was simply smelling bird scent and not Nose Work scent.  But not, Nicole, Jelly’s handler.  She did what we always said in Police K9 School, “Trust your dog’s nose because it knows”. And, Nicole did just that!

January 2016 Dog Training Classes

Michigan Dog Training, Jack Russell Terrier, Happy New YearWith the upcoming new year, don’t just make a resolution to train your dog, as Nike says, “Just Do It.”  Your dog will love you for it.

January classes are already filling up at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan. This month in addition to our normal classes we are offering an E-Collar Excellence class.  If you’ve been wanting to take your dog’s obedience to the next level and obtain off leash reliability, then this class is for you. Learn how to use an e-collar as a communication tool to obtain quick, reliable and humane results.

Here’s a summary of the classes being offered in January.

  1. Nosework, Mondays 6:30pm
  2. Protection Sport Dog, Mondays 7:30pm
  3. Puppy 1 Manners, Tuesdays 7:00pm
  4. Puppy 2 Manners, Tuesdays 6:00pm
  5. Intermediate Manners/CGC, Tuesdays 8:05pm
  6. Basic Manners, Wednesdays, 7:00pm
  7. Feisty Fido, Wednesdays, 8:05pm
  8. Do More With Your Dog, Wednesdays, 6:00pm
  9. Excitable Perfect Practice, Thursdays 6:00pm
  10. Perfect Practice, Thursdays 6:55pm
  11. E-Collar Excellence, Thursdays, 7:45pm

NoseWork – New dog sport for companion dogs

Sonic indicates on target odor in the box by sitting and staring until a ball pops out.

Sonic indicates on target odor in the box by sitting and staring until a ball pops out.

Nosework is a great new sport for companion dogs.  It teaches them to use their nose to find hidden scents much like police detection dogs but they’re finding legal scents:  birch oil, anise oil and clove oil.  Michigan Dog Training LLC will be an ultimate training site for this new sport with behavior shaping devices, the only known scent wall in

MDT Scent Wall

MDT Scent Wall

Michigan, and Nosework Instructor Michael Burkey’s experience as a K9 Police Detection Dog Handler.  Additionally, MDT will host a nationally known NoseWork trainer, Andrew Ramsey. He will present a two-day NoseWork Seminar October 12-13, 2013 at MDT’s building in Plymouth, Michigan. There will be 12 working spots and unlimited auditing spots. For more information, contact Michigan Dog Training LLC at info@MichiganDogTrainer.com or call 734-634-4152.

Here is a video showing what Fasa, a Belgian Malinois has learned in only three NoseWork sessions at Michigan Dog Training LLC.


Here is a video showing what is expected for a dog to compete in Novice Level NoseWork indicating on the target odor of Birch oil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CR_lemDlOh8

For more information about Nosework classes or to attend Andrew Ramsey’s seminar contact us at Michigan Dog Training  by email at info@michigandogtrainer.com or by calling 734-634-4152.