Emily promoted to Dog Trainer

Emily Justusson, Dog Trainer, Michigan Dog Trainer


On April 20, 2017 Emily Justusson was promoted from Assistant Dog Trainer to Dog Trainer with a specialization in E-Collar training.  She has completed Michigan Dog Training’s Dog Trainer program and successfully passed written and practical exams.

Emily joined the MDT team in October 2016 and is near completing studies at Animal Behavior College.  She has a very upbeat attitude when meeting clients and working with their dogs.  Congratulations Emily!!

Emily Justusson promoted to Assistant Dog Trainer

Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michigan, Dog Training TechnicianIn October 2016, Emily Justusson joined the Michigan Dog Training (MDT) team as a Kennel Technician. She joined our team because she recognized MDT had an excellent reputation in the dog training field and her goal was to become a dog trainer.

Due to her hard work, she has realized her goal and has been promoted to Assistant Dog Trainer. Congratulations Emily! MDT is lucky to have you onboard.