Novice Trick Dog Titles, Nov 2, 2016

Do More With Your Dog, Kyra SundanceOn November 2, 2016 all of the Basic Manners Group class students and their dogs earned a Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title via the Kyra Sundance Do More With Your Dog program at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan.  To qualify for the NTD, dogs demonstrated at least fifteen different tricks which they learned during the group class in addition to Basic Manners such as sit, come, down, stay, walk on a loose leash, and more. Some of the tricks included; doggy push-ups, hand signals of three behaviors, heeling at left side with an automatic sit, kennel up, peekaboo, spin circles, nose touch and more.

MDT believes in making group dog training classes fun.  That’s why dog tricks are inter-mixed with obedience commands in all of our obedience classes.  The dogs learn good manners and their owners have fun showing off their dog’s performance tricks. And, many MDT trained dogs later go on to become Therapy Dogs. Dogs who have tricks in their repertorie will delight hospital patients, senior citizens and others.

Congratulations to the following dog teams:

  1. Mary Garnett and Saoirse, Labrador Retriever of Northville, Michigan
  2. Eric Rinke and Duke, Sheepdog/Border Collie mix of Plymouth, Michigan
  3. Alex Dixon and Winnie, Golden Retriever of Plymouth, Michigan
  4. Paul DePalma and Nala, Pitbull mix of Plymouth, Michigan
  5. Katie Fisher and Marlene, Plott Hound mix of Plymouth, Michigan

Teach your dog to spin

Teach your dog to spin, dog tricks, Michigan Dog Training

In the below video, Michael Burkey teaches Hunter, a day school attendee at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan, to spin in a circle.  In a nutshell, these are the steps to teaching your dog to spin:

  1. Lure your dog across your body with a tasty food treat in your hand and into the spin, reward upon completion of the spin
  2. Say “spin” and then lure your dog across your body into the spin and reward as before
  3. Say “spin” and make the luring more of a hand signal instead of a lure into the spin
  4. Finished product, simply say “spin” without the hand signal

Teaching your dog to spin is a great trick; your dog will enjoy performing the spin, your children will enjoy telling your dog to spin and it helps high energy dogs burn off excess energy. Additionally, if you teach your dog to spin in both directions, it will help them stretch both sides of their body.

If you would like to learn how to teach your dog more tricks, contact Michigan Dog Training and sign up for the “Do More With Your Dog” dog tricks group class.

“101 Dog Tricks-Kid Edition” Hits the Star Mark!

Kyra Sundance, Michigan Dog Training

Kyra Sundance

Kyra Sundance multi-time author, celebrity trick dog trainer, owner of “Do More With Your Dog! and marathon runner always hits the Star Mark.  Her newest book entitled, “101 Dog Tricks – Kid’s Edition” is no exception.  It is fun to read for all ages; young children, older children and even adults. It’s jam packed with awesome tricks that will enhance the bond between your child and your dog. Each trick is broken down into easy to understand components and it also shows kids how to build simple agility and dog craft projects. Its a totally fun immersion training program for your child as he or she has fun reading, building things and training your dog. With Kyra’s colorful illustrations and photos, you and your child will truly learn how to “Do More with your Dog!”

Michigan Dog Training is honored to host Kyra Sundance for a trick dog workshop in May 2015.  Dates and more information will be pending on the MDT website in the coming weeks. So till then, purchase Kyra’s new book and plan to meet and work with her at MDT next spring.  You’ll have a blast working your dog with Kyra Sundance!

CGC Star and Novice Trick Dog Kiaya



Michelle Baum and Kiaya, CGC, NTD

Michigan Dog Trainer congratulates Michelle Baum of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  OnAugust 7, 2012, she and her Labrador Retriever puppy Kiaya passed the American Kennel Club‘s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation. The CGC test is a ten item evaluation demonstrating responsible dog ownership and good dog manners. Additionally, they demonstrated more than 15 dog tricks they had learned during in-home dog training sessions with professional dog trainer Michael Burkey. This enabled them to earn a Novice Trick Dog Title via Kyra Sundance‘s Do More With Your Dog program. Burkey is an Associate Trick Dog Instructor for Sundance.

Baum is raising Kiaya to be a well mannered and confident puppy with the goal of becoming a Certified Therapy Dog. They are well on there way of accomplishing that goal. Once again, congratulations Michelle and Kiaya!