3 New Canine Good Citizens

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On November 28, 2017 three dog teams earned their American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan. Learn more about what it takes to become a Canine Good Citizen.

Congratulations to the following dog teams:

  1. Kayla Kline and Paxton, a Chocolate Lab/Australian Shepherd mix of Belleville, Michigan
  2. Catherine White and Autumn, a Dachshund mix of Plymouth, Michigan
  3. Alyssa Alessandrini and Dove, a Pit/Lab mix of Westland, Michigan

Michigan Dog Training, CGC, Canine Good Citizen, Plymouth, Michigan


Cute daschund needs new home

Miniature DaschundThere is a 7-year-old Miniature Dachshund in Westland, Michigan named “Whunt”, (pronounced “hoo-nt”), whose family can no longer keep him because of where they are living and their many work hours.  He is a very sweet dog with a loving heart.

Recently, Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Trainer visited Whunt and his owner to get more information about Whunt.  The owner said he is gone too many hours per day for work and is unable to give Whunt a good home. Because he is gone throughout the day, Whunt barks for attention which disturbs the other tenants and no one is available to take Whunt outside in his absence.  Yet when he is home, Whunt is a very good and sweet dog who loves to cuddle, play fetch and take walks.

Whunt prefers women  but warmed up to Michael asking him to pet him within five minutes of meeting him. He reportedly barks at other dogs while on walks so his owner believes a single dog home would be best for Whunt. It is unknown how Whunt would behave around children as he is only exposed to young adults in his current home.

Please call Dylan at 248-345-3846 (a friend of the owner) to inquire about adopting Whunt.