In Home Dog Training

Michael Burkey, Dog Behaviorist, Michigan Dog Training, In home dog training, Plymouth, MichiganIn-home training is recommended for owners who prefer the convenience of training their dog in their home. This is especially helpful for clients who have children or multiple dogs to train so you don’t have to transport the whole clan to Michigan Dog Training located at 1031 Cherry Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170. Michael works with all breeds of dogs and the training programs are individually tailored.  However, most owners desire the following:

  • How to reduce and better manage aggressive / fearful tendencies
  • How to modify other behavioral problems
  • How to teach self imposed calm behavior
  • To walk nicely on a leash
  • Obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, heel, etc.)
  • To wait at door ways rather than barging out past you
  • To go to a predetermined place and stay there till released
  • To bark or to be quiet upon command
  • To leave an item / drop an item upon command

Schedule an appointment with Michael. Listed packages are for persons who live within 30 minutes of Plymouth, Michigan.  Prior to your appointment, be sure your dog is hungry and have plenty of small food treats available that your dog finds appealing.





Michael taught Gabrielle how to train her German Shepherd puppy, Odin; to go to the stairs and wait upon hearing the doorbell ring.This allows Gabrielle to enter the house without Odin trying to run out the door or jump on her. Additionally, her parents can answer the door to speak with strangers with Odin under control and nearby. Oh by the way, Odin learned this skill in only one session!
Dogs are very receptive to Michael’s calm yet confident demeanor. Michael is quite personable with people as well, and let’s face it, it is the owner who needs to learn how to improve upon and reinforce that which the dog is taught in class. My dog was already fairly well trained, but had some defensive issues when it came to unfamiliar individuals and dogs. Michael went the extra mile to help me recognize the signs and how to address them at the appropriate time and manner in order to correct this behavior and it worked brilliantly!” Mark M. of Lapeer, MI
Does your dog jump on guests as they enter your home or try to barge out the front door?  Would you prefer your dog to back up on command, lay down and wait for your guests to greet your dog?  Watch the video clip and see what Cleo was able to learn from Michael very quickly!  Way to go Cleo!
Abby use to drag her owners during walks, so much it became necessary for her owners to allow her to run circles around them during walks to limit the pulling.  However, in just five minutes, Abby learned to pay attention to her owners and walk on a loose leash next to their side.
Gambit use to charge the front door when guests came to the house. Now he is able to go to “place” and greet guests calmly.
In a very short time, Ariel, a German Shepherd, gained confidence around strangers and learned new home manners such as walking on a loose leash, come when called, sit and down, stay, and go to a pre-determined place on cue.