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  1. Tyler Vinton says:

    We just brought home a brand new baby and my two dogs Lola ( 1 yr) charlee (3 yr) charlee is a lab mix with sharpe and Lola is a lab mix we rescued no idea what with. They are suddenly fighting eachother viciously with only 2 isolated incidences of fighting before now and neither bad enough to create injury. In the past two days since I brought the baby home they have fought 4 times and created injury. I tested them last night and they were fine until one of them got on the couch with me and the other came near they then growled I tried to grab them and they just broke out in a huge fight right in my lap. After having the baby we can’t have that breaking out over him. We desperately do not want to get rid of either of them but we don’t know what to do. Please help.

    • Hi Tyler, please give us a call tomorrow morning at 734-634-4152 and we can schedule a free meet and greet. Until them I would keep them separate or muzzled while supervised.

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