Puppy Training Classes

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No pre-assessment is needed to sign your puppy up for a group class. All puppies are welcome.

What to bring to class?

  • Please email  Michigan Dog Training one week prior to the class start date or bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination verification (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies if old enough and a negative fecal test result) to the first night of class. Puppies cannot attend class without verification. 
  • Why do we require the negative fecal test?  To ensure, all puppies are free of intestinal parasites (roundworm, hookworm and others); so they don’t pass it onto other puppies during socialization play times. Please have your puppy tested two-three weeks prior to the class start date. If the test is positive, it may allow time for treatment and a retest prior to the class start date.
  • Soft food treats your puppy enjoys
  • A hungry puppy

PUPPY 1 MANNERS (puppies must be 10-19 weeks of age, have had second series of puppy shots and negative fecal check). Puppies learn to sit, come, down, pay attention to you, etc. Instruction will also be given as to how to raise and your train your puppy the right way, the first time; house-training, how to recognize stress behaviors in dogs and more. They will also further their socialization with other dogs during on/off leash play sessions and building their confidence skills with obstacles such as tunnels, wobbly boards, varying floor surfaces, etc.

PUPPY 2 MANNERS (pre-requisite MDT Puppy 1 Manners class and be current with vaccinations). Puppies will continue their socialization and training with other dogs through off leash play sessions and further their obedience such as walking on a loose leash, greeting people politely rather than jumping on them, sit stay and down stay, etc. At the end of this class, they should be ready to pass the American Kennel Club Puppy Star Evaluation which MDT trainers are qualified to provide. Upon completion, puppies can skip over the Basic Manners course and proceed to Intermediate Manners course.

Sorry but refunds for classes are not possible with less than 7 days prior notification to the class start date. Hurry, don’t delay as classes fill up fast.

Book online for next available Puppy 1 or Puppy 2 Manners class.


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