Dog Training Prices

Price and Value of Dog Training


Most dog trainers and dog training facilities will not post their prices (for board and train, day training, private lessons, in-home lessons etc.) on their website because they want to speak to you first, preferably in person. Only then, will they discuss their prices while you sit before them as a captured audience.  Have you ever heard a dog trainer say, “well the price will depend on several factors and that’s why I need to meet your dog first?”  This is called a “hard sell” and in our opinion, it is not a honest way  to conduct business.

You deserve to know some basic information including prices before you meet with a trainer. That way you are pre-educated on what they have to offer and you can ask better questions when you meet them in person.

Michigan Dog Training does not do “hard sells.”  We are here to help you and your dog. Thus, we have created a wide variety of services to match everyone’s needs and budget. We want you to know not only the investment you will make in your dog but also what are the benefits you’ll receive before you meet with us.

We believe in being honest, transparent and up front about everything. Thus, you will see how we can make your life easier and more enjoyable with your dog without any pressure. This goes against typical business coaches’recommendations but then again, we’re not typical! 

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Happy clients!

We believe in, “You Ask, We Answer” and “what will dog training cost” is always one of those questions. Thus, we answer it up front. We know we’re not the cheapest but fantastic products and service never are. We also know, we’re the best in what we do! Not only will you receive excellent dog training but also five star customer service.  We will treat you like family, the MDT Family!


Please review our MDT SERVICES & PRICES BROCHURE . Then use the online scheduler below or give us a call at 734-634-4152.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you solve your dog training problems.





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