Dog Products

Dogtra Remote Training Collars are an effective, quick and humane way to train a dog.  However, it’s important to know how to train your dog properly on the system.  Therefore, please only purchase a remote collar along with professional private dog training.

Placeboards are essential to teaching a dog to go to a predefined space such as when answering your front door.  They are also comfortable resting spots for your faithful companion.  Additionally, they are sturdy, light weight and easy to clean.

Books and Videos

Holistic Dog Food Life Abundance dog food is preservative and corn free.  It is an excellent source of protein for your puppy and adult dog.  Plus it is shipped right to your dog ensuring it’s freshness as it is guaranteed to be 6 weeks or less fresher and not stored long term in warehouses like commercially bought store food.

Great dog training treats.

Send Out Cards is an easy and great way to keep in touch with clients, friends, and family.