Michael is Veterinarian Preferred!

Many of the area veterinarians trust Michael with the training of their own personal dogs as well as those of their clients.

Dr. McClure, Strong Veterinary Hospital, Livonia
Dr. Cheryl Good, Dearborn Family Pet Care, Dearborn

Michael Burkey is an exceptional dog behaviorist.  He has a positive reinforcement training style, and has helped quite a few of my clients.  One client in particular was having trouble with a dog they adopted from me as a pup, and she (the pup) grew to have some abnormal aggression issues.  Michael was kind enough to go to their home and evaluate the pup for me, and gave all of us very helpful information and advice.  It turned out that the pup was getting mixed signals from the owners who did not live together, the dog went from home to home.  We ended up taking the pup back and placed her in another home, much calmer environment with one owner, and she has grown into a wonderful, loving, calm dog with no aggression problems whatsoever.  Michael really helped us with this pup, and prevented a possible euthanasia, as 3 other behaviorists had recommended this pup be put down…..Cheryl Good D.V.M., Dearborn Family Pet Care, P.C.

“We adopted Gracie and Lady (high energy Black Laborador Retrievers) and they needed obedience training. Both of our dogs have made great progress, with no stress for either dog or owner!”……STEVE WOOD and GARY LEWIS of Westland.

“Michael’s positive training methods are unbelievable!  Anyone can take the lessons learned in his class and apply them to everday situations as well as training a wonderful and obedient family dog.  He will prove that you will get better results with shaping behavior rather than punishment.  Michael genuinely cares about you and your dog.”  Thanks for all you have taught us!!……Jen, Randy, & Phoenix

I recommend Michael’s services for any retired racer.  If you haven’t been to a training class recently, I encourage you to enroll your dog or foster in a class.  We are never too old to learn.  I have repeated classes and taken my seniors through classes.  We continue to learn new tricks every day!…Elizabeth Augustyn, Greyhound of Michigan Rescue member (pictured on left)

“Kole started tracking lessons with Michael and demonstrated high drive and focused interest.  He had six lessons in 2006 and will be resuming work with a focus on more turns and “indicating articles.” “…Judy Huston.Michael’s note….Judy is an amazing and kind person who enjoys doing various sports with her dogs such as tracking, obedience, herding, agility, conformation, etc.  To see more pictures of her beautiful and active dogs visit her website at:


Michael, thanks so much!  I have been bragging to friends, family and coworkers about what a terrific training program you’re offering.  This is SO helpful.  Thanks for all your feedback – and so FAST!  Greatly appreciate your efforts!….Patty Ebbitt

Michael, I just want to thank you again for all of your help with Casey.  He is wonderful on a walk now and I feel very confident – thanks to you.  I am also learning a tremendous amount during the training with Maggie.  You are excellent!….Sister Pat, Catholic Nun

“From Puppy Kindergarten to Advanced classes, Mike is an exceptional teacher. Training is very interactive. Mike has had many graduates return for more advanced training. I accomplished a lot with his help.” ….AMEERA FINKLESTEIN of Detroit.




“I enjoy Michael’s classes because they are friendly and flexible. He can offer several ways when needed to solve your training problems.”….SUSAN WEBB and her Standard Poodles, Melody & Mo of Novi.

“Rottweiler Rescue has been referring Rottweiler owners and new adoptive parents to Michael Burkey since 1999. We feel he has a complete understanding of dog behavior and ALWAYS trains with positive reinforcement. Because of the breed of dog that we rescue, we were very selective of the trainer we wanted to work with because these dogs have been roughly handled for too long. Michael is very kind and loving toward our Rotties.” …TONI HETHERINGTON, PRESIDENT OF ROTTWEILER RESCUE OF SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN.

“Mike’s dogs are very well cared for and extremely well trained. He is very kind and patient with all his students and the dogs. To sum it up, Mike is a very capable dog trainer and instructor.”….TERESA MCINTRYE, Dalmatian Breeder & Obedience Competitor, “Firelite Dalmatians” since 1969.

“Kobe is a much more obedient dog than before and you provided me with the necessary knowledge to train him. Rescue dogs provide many challenges as they come with baggage but he has become a less needy dog and has a new found confidence. I have taken numerous dog obedience classes in the past but none of them compare to your techniques. I liked the whole clicker/treat/praise way of training. Thank you for all your help and thank you also, for helping to show Kobe that the world is not a bad place.” BETH SANDERS

“Mike has helped my dog Michi (Akita) who was quite shy and had some behavioral problems. Her confidence level and obedience skills have improved tremendously. Best of all, Michi loves going to class! Mike is an excellent trainer who has earned and gained the trust and respect of Michi and I”….MARY KAY S. of Detroit.

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