Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I start training my dog?

The training of your puppy starts as soon as you bring him into your home, either good or bad.  So the sooner the better.  After one week has passed your puppy’s second series of vaccinations, it is generally safe to start a puppy class. More dogs are surrendered or put down due to behavioral problems than they are due to contracting an illness.  That is why it is crucial to start your pup’s socialization and education as soon as possible, e.g. at about ten weeks of age. This recommendation is backed by Dr. Ian Dunbar, an internationally known Veterinary Behaviorist.

Is my dog too old to learn new tricks (behaviors)?

Absolutely not.  Obviously, the younger you start the less retraining that needs to be done.  But a dog is never too old to learn new behaviors.

Do you work with all breeds?

Yes, we work with all breeds, large and small.

Do you work with dogs who are aggressive toward people and/or other dogs?

Yes, we specialize in working with dogs who show aggressive tendencies as approximately 80% of our private clients come to us because of their dog’s fear aggression. We have a very high success rate of helping owners manage and retrain their reactive dogs.

What is the difference between the board and train (Jumpstart, K9 College and K9 University) and the Day School?

The board and train program is where your dog resides with us for a period of time such as one, two or four weeks.  The two week program results in a dog with very good obedience on leash and the four week program is for owners who desire off leash reliability or dogs with behavioral problems. The Day School is run three days per week for four weeks.  You bring your dog to us in the morning between 7:30-9:00am and pick them back up between 4:15-5:45pm. After the first two weeks, we hold a semi private training session with you and your dog so you will know what your dog has learned thus far and how to reinforce the new behavior at home.  Following both programs, participants receive excellent follow up by attending a bonus unlimited group class called “Perfect Practice”. It’s a great way for you to receive follow up practice working with your dog amongst distractions of other dogs.

In terms of results, the four week Day School is fairly equivalent to the results one obtains in the two week K9 College. The plus is that your dog goes home with you each night.  Day School is a great choice if you live locally to Plymouth and are committed to training your dog or at least not reinforcing undesired behaviors while at home.  Whereas, the board and train is a better choice if you aren’t local and don’t have the time or patience to train your dog yourself.  Then you’ll receive faster results by allowing MDT professionals to train your dog for you.

After a board and train program, will my dog listen to me?

Absolutely, because of the way we train your dog and the on-going support we provide. While at MDT, your dog is trained by several different trainers thus they become accustomed to listening to several different people.  After teaching your dog new behaviors, we give you the tools to continue reinforcing the new behaviors.  Additionally, you have on-going support by attending our unlimited “Perfect Practice” group sessions.

When my dog completes the board and train, will he/she remember me?

Absolutely.  The neat thing about dogs is that they think in the moment.  They don’t agonize over the past nor fret about the future like we humans do. So while they are with us, they are having fun and learning new skills. You’ll be missing them more than they will of you.  However, the cool thing is when you come back to pick them up, they’ll be so excited to see you.  It is always as if they are saying, “Mom, Dad, where have you been!?” So they won’t be lonely but they also won’t forget you.

While my dog is at your board and train program, can I come to visit my dog?

We would never tell an owner that they can’t visit their dog but we don’t recommend it because it would be hard on the dog to see you go home again without them. We would also lose part of a day of training them.

So to help you out, we post frequent pictures of your dog on our facebook page so you can follow your dog’s progress during training.  We group the pictures into albums that are marked by the month and year that they reside with us.  While we can’t post pictures every day, otherwise we wouldn’t get any training done; we  try to post them about every three – four days so you don’t have to wait long to see your dog’s next picture. If you don’t see your dog’s picture on a day when others are posted, be assured that yours will post within another couple of days.