About Us

Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michigan


Learn about MDT’s Staff who are experienced, highly trained and will treat you and your dog like family.


Michigan Dog Training (MDT) stands out as a recognized leader in dog training due to:

  • Michael Burkey’s real world experience (Police K9 Officer, Search and Rescue K9 Training Director, Dog Behaviorist, Social Worker, National Scenario Based Trainer and obedience competitor)
  • Our experience, professionally trained and certified staff
  • Being the preferred training place of many veterinarians for their own dogs
  • New agencies (Channel 4 and Channel 7 News, cable TV and newspapers) call MDT when needing to interview a dog behavior expert
  • Attorneys call Michael Burkey when needing an expert witness regarding dog behavior
  • Corporations call MDT when needing their employees trained in dog bite prevention
  • Experience in providing Aggression Rehabilitation, Service Dog training and Scent Detection training
  • Vast experience working with all breeds, large and small
  • Proven ability to successfully train and modify the behavior of the most challenging of dogs that other trainers and facilities can’t or won’t train
  • Use of cutting edge scientifically based behavioral training and experience in all methods of training
  • Varied programs that best suit you and your dog (board and train, day school, in home lessons, private lessons at the facility and group classes)
  • Flexible hours to accommodate your personal and work schedule
  • Abundance of fun group classes
  • Posting clients’ dogs’ pictures on social media so owners can follow their dogs’ training
  • Our numerous five star reviews
  • Unlimited “Perfect Practice” group classes for certain noted programs for on going training and practice
  • Our 7,000 square foot highly maintained, climate controlled facility conveniently located at 1031 Cherry Street, Plymouth, Michigan  48170
  • Our honesty, transparency and experience
  • We treat you like family

In summary, we provide the behavior solutions you seek with a five star client experience.