Michigan Dog Training

Michael Burkey with his former Police K9, Belgian Malinois

Michael Burkey with Police K9 Simone, Police K9 Draco & Willow

Michigan Dog Training is located in Plymouth, Michigan serving pet families. Give us a call now at  734-634-4152, if you want your dog to:

  • Go to more fun places with you
  • Greet people and other dogs politely,
  • Become more confident and less fearful,
  • Walk nicely on a loose leash,
  • Come when called,
  • Greet guests at the front door appropriately,
  • Stay in a sit or down until verbally released,
  • be reliable with off leash obedience,
  • Learn to self impose a state of calmness,
  • Relax in the presence of other dogs,
  • Give or drop an item on cue,
  • Pay more attention to you despite distractions
  • Bring a toy to you instead of playing “keep away”

and more….

Pick up the phone and call now, 734-634-4152 or email us so Michael and his personally trained team can help you achieve your dreams.

You will receive :

  1. Quick response and solutions to your dog’s behavior problems (all breeds, large and small)
  2. Dog training done for you (Board and Train)
  3. Convenient services customized for you and your dog (In home training, private lessons or group classes)
  4. Expert dog training from a Dog Behaviorist and former Police K9 Officer.
  5. A new appreciation and love for your dog as you come to see and believe that your dog can learn dog obedience and show good manners
  6. Professional services guaranteed.  No misleading guarantees!  You can trust Michael’s experience, integrity, and professionalism.  He is the preferred dog behaviorist and dog trainer for veterinarians, many of whom train their own dog with him.

Professional Dog Trainers

Michigan Dog Training  in Plymouth, Michigan employs professional dog trainers with real world experience from Police, Military and Search and Rescue dog handler backgrounds as well as experienced Service Dog Trainers and Pet Dog Trainers.


1 former Police K9 Officer

MIchigan Dog Training, U.S. Air Force Police Officers, military dog hanlers, Police K9 Officer

3 former U.S. Air Force Police Officers; 2 of which were military dog handlers


Dog Training in Michigan

Your dog is an instinctively social animal. As they grow up in their dog pack, they learn certain behaviors that are expected and acceptable. When they grow up in your family, they have to learn new behaviors that aren’t always instinctive for them. The great thing is that they want to be part of your family. They can learn good manners and live by people expectations.

1 former SAR dog Team Trainer & Handler

1 former SAR dog Team Trainer & Handler

Behavior problems such as dog aggression, anxiety, or biting can be replaced with good behavior with effective and humane dog training. Michael Burkey, a professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist will show you how to get positive dog training results.

For Michael’s dog bite prevention tips, check out Channel 4 News video:  Experts reveal how to help fend of dog attacks.

You can choose one or a mixture of the below dog training programs:

If you are unsure how to solve your dog’s behavior problems or just want to get dog training done the right way, the first time; Michael is there for you.  Begin your dog’s transformation today!   Contact us by email or call us at 734-634-4152.


Michigan Dog Training brochure

Michigan Dog Training Brochure